Student Travel Stipend + Scholarship Program

The IALD Education Trust provides support to students and educators for the purpose of promoting the profession of architectural lighting design; and strives to connect students with lighting practitioners and industry professionals.

Two of the principal means by which students are supported are through travel stipends that facilitate attendance at design conferences and functions, and scholarships to help further their education in lighting design.

Since 1998, the Trust has awarded over 400 travel stipends and over 100 scholarships in 12 countries.

Travel Stipends

In an ongoing effort to ensure the future of the architectural lighting design profession, the IALD Education Trust Travel Stipend Program enables lighting students and educators from across the world to attend key industry events, seminars, and conferences, such as IALD Enlighten Americas, IALD Enlighten Europe, Lightfair, and a variety of international trade shows. 

The Trust is now accepting applications for travel stipends through Wednesday, 31 January. Full-time undergraduate and graduate students and educators are encouraged to apply. The IALD Education Trust is proud to include theatrical lighting design students in its work; all student members of the United States Institute for Theatrical Technology (USITT) are eligible to apply for all travel stipends.

NOTE: We have made updates to the 2024 Travel Stipend Program. Please read the Application Information document (PDF) in its entirety before applying. The document contains important information on eligible events, submission requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions about the program.

Submission Requirements + Documents

  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • Resume/CV: two (2) pages maximum.
  • Personal Statement: introduce yourself and explain how a travel stipend will help you achieve your academic/career goals. (350 words maximum)


There are currently two scholarships awarded to selected applicants through the IALD Education Trust.

The Lighting Design Alliance (LDA) Scholarship is open to non-USA citizens who are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate-level program in lighting design or a related field in any country. The annual award amount for this scholarship is $2,500 USD.

The Thomas M. Lemons Scholarship is made possible by Available Light Inc.. It requires applicants to be Junior, Senior, or Graduate-level lighting design students at an accredited school in the United States regardless of nationality. The annual award amount for this scholarship is $4,500 USD.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, it is important that you read the latest Scholarship Application Information document (PDF) in its entirety. The document contains important information for potential applicants including submission requirements and answers to frequently asked questions about the program.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicants of all nationalities are encouraged to apply. You must be a student member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) or have membership pending at the time of application. (Please see here for membership information.)
  • Juniors (third year), Seniors (fourth year), and graduate students are eligible.
  • You must not be graduating in the semester of your application.

Submission Requirements + Documents

  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • Resume/CV: one (1) page maximum.
  • Recommendation from a professor or professional: one (1) page maximum. (We suggest that you request this document as soon as possible.)
  • Personal Statement: 150- 300 words.
  • Please provide a portfolio of your one (1) best lighting project that demonstrates: process, concept, project goals and considerations for technical criteria. Your portfolio can be 3-page maximum and is expected to include images, brief text, architectural drawings, and sketches.