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LIRC Ambassador Spotlight: Andrew Bunker, LEDFlex Group

As key representatives of LIRC member companies, LIRC Ambassadors are among the highest-visibility profiles in the Lighting Industry Resource Council on the global stage. They work closely with the IALD Region + Chapter Coordinators to engage with the local lighting design community, bolster communications, promote events, encourage networking, and promote the IALD and LIRC.

This edition, we shine the LIRC Ambassador Spotlight on Andrew Bunker, Global Sales Director with LIRC member company LEDFlex Group in Dubai, UAE.

Andrew boasts an extensive career in the lighting industry that spans over two decades. Initially rooted in Design Engineering, he rapidly ascended through the professional echelons, capitalizing on his technical proficiency to venture into uncharted territories.

This trajectory eventually led Andrew into the dynamic domain of Business Development, where he channelled his passion for lighting technology to spearhead growth initiatives and cultivate strategic partnerships.

Joining LEDFlex Group as the Managing Director for the Middle East marked the inception of a transformative chapter for Andrew. He swiftly earned recognition and ascended to the role of Global Sales Director for the brand. His tenure has been defined by an astute comprehension of the industry and a sharp business acumen, establishing him as a trusted leader in the region.

When asked why he wanted to be an LIRC Ambassador, Andrew points immediately to the spirit of collaboration that his company exemplifies:

"LEDFlex proudly upholds its role as a dedicated and longstanding member of the LIRC, embodying values that strongly resonate with the LIRC's commitment to fostering collaboration within the lighting design industry, particularly in forging meaningful connections between lighting designers and manufacturers.

"Both LEDFlex as a brand and I personally recognise the profound impact that collaborative efforts can have on transforming the landscape of the lighting industry. I firmly believe in the ability of collaboration to cultivate a synergistic environment, propelling advancements in products, services, business practices, and lighting design education."

Those interested in becoming an LIRC Ambassador or nominating a colleague are invited to learn all about the program, the responsibilities and benefits of the role, and how to apply.

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