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IALD and LIRC Light Up the Future with Inspiring New Volunteers

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the IALD Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC) are thrilled to welcome a bright and passionate cohort of new volunteers to their committees, task forces, and coordinator rosters for the start of 2024. We are deeply grateful for the dedication and expertise these individuals bring to our organization, and we are confident that their contributions will play a vital role in shaping the future of lighting design.

We invite the global community to join the IALD and LIRC in welcoming the following professionals to their respective positions:

  • Region + Chapter Coordinators: Sharbel Dammo, Assoc. IALD (IALD Melbourne); Ben Lüder, Assoc. IALD (IALD Brisbane)
  • IALD Enlighten Europe Content Advisory Group: Johan Moritz, IALD (Chair); Till Armbruester; Martina Frattura, Assoc. IALD; Maida Hot, Assoc. IALD; Anthony Kerr; Eloise Reed; Philip Rose, IALD
  • LIRC Steering Committee: Ron Kurtz, IALD (Co-Chair); Sophie O'Rourke, Assoc. IALD; Anthony Kerr 
  • LIRC Policies + Procedures Committee: Mert Gürbüz

A Diverse and Dynamic Force

This incoming cohort reflects the incredible diversity and talent within the lighting design community. We have welcomed professionals from various backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels, each with unique perspectives and ideas. This rich tapestry of voices ensures that our initiatives are inclusive, informed, and responsive to the evolving needs of the profession.

Empowering Innovation and Collaboration

Our volunteers will be instrumental in advancing various critical initiatives throughout the year. They will be involved in:

  • Developing industry standards and best practices
  • Curating the highest quality content for professional conferences
  • Organizing professional, social, and educational events
  • Promoting the value of lighting design to the public
  • Cultivating the next generation of lighting professionals

Join the Movement!

Are you passionate about lighting design and eager to make a difference? We encourage you to get involved with the IALD and LIRC! Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute your talents. Together, we can illuminate the path toward a brighter future for lighting design.

On behalf of the entire IALD community, we warmly welcome our new volunteers! We are excited to embark on this journey together and create a lasting impact on the world around us.

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