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Education Trust 2023 Scholarship Winners Announced

The IALD Education Trust is pleased to announce our 2023 scholarship winners. Each year, the IALD Education Trust furnishes three scholarships for students of architectural lighting design: The Lighting Design Alliance Scholarship one (1) award supports non-USA citizens who are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate-level program in lighting design or a related field in any country, and the Thomas M. Lemons Scholarship (2) awards, supports students at accredited schools in the United States regardless of nationality. 

The Trust is grateful to Lighting Design Alliance and Available Light, Inc. respectively for generously funding these scholarships. 

Lighting Design Alliance Scholarship

Rezvan (Bita) ShahrabiFarahani, Denmark

Rezvan is an MSc student in Lighting Design at the Aalborg University of Copenhagen. She studied and worked as an Interior Architect and graphic designer in their native Iran. Digging more into interior architecture made her more curious about the effect of lighting on architecture, especially interiors where people spend most of their lifetime. She believes that by designing buildings with a lighting perspective, one can increase the quality of users' lives and bring the spirit into our concrete creatures to make them alive.

Thomas Lemons Scholarships

Ajin Cho, USA

Ajin studied architecture during her undergraduate and was a visual merchandising designer in Korea. She just recently graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York with a Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design degree in May 2023, and is actively pursuing a career as an architectural lighting designer focusing on sustainable lighting design. 

Wan-Chien (Shelly) Lin, USA

Wan-Chien is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design at Parsons. As an enthusiastic and innovative lighting designer, she eagerly pursues the boundless realm of light design. With five years of working experience as an architectural designer, Wan-Chien discovered the enchanting power of light and its harmonious connection with materials in the built environment. Now she seeks to use her practical experience to explore the art of lighting design, creating innovative and tangible connections between humanity and the built world. By using light to infuse materials with distinct qualities, she will transform the environment and allow people to experience the world in a new light. Her academic journey will continue to make a lasting and meaningful impact in the field of lighting design.

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