IALD College of Fellows

Acceptance into the IALD College of Fellows recognizes the achievements of the designer as an individual and honors a model architectural lighting designer who has made a significant contribution to the international design/build community. Fellowship also acknowledges outstanding contributions to the IALD as an association.

Induction into the IALD College of Fellows begins with the nomination of a candidate by at least two IALD voting members.


In order to be considered for Fellow membership, a nominee must have the following qualifications:

  • Be a Professional member of the IALD for a minimum of ten (10) years.
  • Be a member in good standing with the organization.

To be accepted, a candidate will have made a valuable contribution to the profession of lighting design and/or to the IALD that may include the following criteria:

  • Contributions to the IALD
  • Achievements in the field of lighting design through their body of work
  • Leadership within the profession
  • Advancement of knowledge

By awarding the designation of Fellow, the Association recognizes and honors outstanding contributions and achievements in lighting design, service to the profession, and service to the IALD itself.

Fellows Nomination Process

The Call for Fellows Nominations shall be announced to the general membership at the beginning of every year. Candidates must be nominated by at least two voting members in good standing, one of whom must be an IALD Professional or Fellow.

Before nominating a candidate, it is incumbent upon the nominators to have a genuine familiarity with the nominated member and the member's work. It is recommended that the nominators check with the IALD office to confirm that the nominee has been a Professional member for at least 10 years.

Official Nomination Form

Nominators must work together to complete a nomination form and provide supporting documentation. Nominees may be consulted for supporting information. To be considered for the College of Fellows, nomination forms and all supporting documentation must be completed and returned to the IALD within a clearly designated deadline for that year. All information shall remain confidential.

If a nomination form is not completed in full by the deadline date, the nominee shall not be considered in that year. If the candidate is to be reconsidered in a subsequent year, the candidate must be re-nominated. Nominations will not be carried over from year to year.

IALD staff shall evaluate the completed nomination forms for compliance with criteria based on the materials submitted. If the nominee and nomination meet all of the eligibility requirements, the nomination and supporting documentation shall be submitted to the Fellows Review Committee.

Review Process

The Fellows Review Committee, comprised of the IALD Membership Committee and up to three (3) Fellows of the IALD, shall review all nominee applications and supporting documentation. The review process may last up to 60 days.

Once the review is complete, the Membership Committee, taking into consideration the Fellows' recommendations, will vote to approve or reject the application for Fellowship.

Final Approval and Notification

Approved candidates will be notified that his or her nomination has been accepted by September of that year.

All nominees approved for Fellowship shall be inducted and honored at the next official IALD function or meeting befitting the honor. If a nominee is not approved for Fellowship, the Membership Committee Chair will notify the nominators of the results. It is the nominators' responsibility to advise the Fellows candidate that his or her application has not been approved.

Current Fellows Members

The following members have been warmly welcomed into the IALD College of Fellows.
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