Chase the Dark 2024: Upcycling

Chase the Dark 2024 - Upcycling
Now in its 11th year, lighting designers, students, and enthusiasts worldwide join in a creative activity around the theme of Upcycling, which refers to using and reusing "found materials" for a new and possibly even better purpose.

This unique, 24-hour celebration follows the rising sun as it "chases" the darkness westward from one side of the International Date Line to the other.

What the Theme and Activity Are

  • This year, we focus our creativity on Upcycling: the use and reuse of 'found materials' for a new and possibly even better purpose.
  • Individuals and teams worldwide are invited to make tealight luminaires from used or otherwise discarded things we find all around us. The goal is to make something illuminating and interesting that requires no purchased product and is lit by a single tealight.
  • Old packaging, textiles, office materials, food containers...if you can rescue it from the refuse and give it new light and new life, you're doing it right!

When It Takes Place

  • The goal is to do all construction and online sharing on the Vernal Equinox (Wednesday, 20 March 2024) at an ideal time for you and your group(s) in your local time zone.

Where It Happens

  • Chase the Dark events can be held at locations of any size and environment: a showroom, an office, a classroom, or even a classroom. You have complete control over where and how your creativity happens. Make a party out of it, if you like!
  • Check the IALD global event calendar to find an open event near you to join in the chase!

Who Can Participate

  • Part of the wonder of Chase the Dark is seeing the wide spectrum of designers – from students to retired professionals – applying their creative skills to the same small project in hundreds of places worldwide.
  • Connect with peers in your local firms, offices, and local universities to invite those who are passionate about light to join in.

How to Share

  • On 20 March, share your upcycled luminaires online (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) using the hashtag #IALDChaseDark.
  • We encourage everyone to share not only the finished work but the creative process as well. 
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